Shooting Wings


We have a highly successful and popular small bore rifle wing with members of all ages and abilities. 

We shoot in our purpose built 25yd/25m indoor range with a wealth of experience within the Club.

We have some talented junior members who are rising up the ranks, supported by our senior and veteran members, many of which who have competed at County and National level.

Our talented junior and senior shooters have brought recognition to Helston as being a force to be reckoned with in competitions both at home and away!


We have recently added benchrest as a discipline within the Club.  Benchrest is open to both smallbore and air weapons shooters.

The rifles ride on a front rest sitting on a table or bench, hence the name "benchrest".

This means that benchrest is fully inclusive and shooters with a disability can shoot alongside able bodied shooters, competing on an even level.


Our Air Weapons wing shoots both air pistol and rifle from 10m in our purpose built indoor range.

Air weapons is also a fully inclusive sport where shooters can compete equally.

We have an enthusiastic  number of junior shooters and during the winter we host the local Pony Club who train for the shooting element of their triathlons.

A number of our junior members have taken up the sport as their Skills element of their Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and continue to be members when they complete their Skills.


Helston RC are proud to be the home Club for CABS (Cornwall Association of Blind Shooters).

Instead of having to aim by looking through sights, a visually impaired shooter listens to an audio signal that rises in pitch as the point of aim moves nearer to the centre of the target. For this reason, the technique is also known as Acoustic Shooting.  For safety, a guide or helper will always be on hand to assist the shooter with preliminary aiming for each shot. Once the audio signal begins, the helper will withdraw, leaving the shooter to finalise the aim and fire the shot.

Apart from this, for proficient shooters, everything else functions in the same way as for anyone else in the sport.